I’ve felt the fear of completely stepping away from any other source of income other than myself and was terrified, but persisted and trusted anyways. I wasn’t ready for a while - there was an invisible step of waiting and letting the fear come over me - and then I was ready enough - the voice that was guiding me was louder and I trusted - ready enough to take the next step

  • I’ve placed my biggest bet on myself - placed bet in roulette wheel waiting for it to land and felt scared - it will land on you

  • Taken steps from full-time to part-time to owning my own business - understand the journey of stepping away and leveling up

  • Started with a beginning brand even when i wasn’t ready - but after waves of fear, redid website and created a revised, cohesive work - posted on Instagram - and a bunch of people contacted me and the universe showed up to support me - “I’m ready now to amplify my business presence” - commitment

  • Imagine 1000 years ago bringing something to the sorceress or seeress to be blessed and christened -

  • You understand how the energy and alignment behind the design is just as important as the design - “She just gets me” understand the energy you work with and create something that embodies that energy - can feel it and create visual for that