graphic design + art direction

Your brand is an extension of you. It is your energy embodied in a visual language that acts as a beacon to those whom you’re meant to serve.


the SEERESS approach to branding

sigil magic

The technology of the sigil has been used for thousands of years to draw power to an entity using the visual of a symbol. It gains its strength through the power of the collective subconscious, the more times the symbol is viewed by a person’s consciousness the more powerful the influence of the symbol becomes.

Modern day branding, marketing and advertising uses the age-old technology of the sigil to bring awareness and abundance to the physical entity that the sigil represents.


In this age of capitalism, I use this ancient technology for its highest good. Through the lens of design I use the power of the sigil to draw resources and energy to the creative professionals, changemakers, businesses and entrepreneurs I work with who are bringing their soul passion into the world.

The key to a sigil’s power is in the intention it holds. I create energetically enhanced and magickally potent brands by applying your highest intentions for your brand during the design process. I work with you to discover your personal power symbols — be they from the cosmos, earth or plant allies — to infuse your brand with a unique, personal cosmology of symbolism.

More than just intentional branding, I use metaphysical properties born from my own practice of manifestation — and apply my honed intention and attention to your design at every stage of the process to amplify its power and vibration.


the seeress offerings



1 month affair

Great for those with a side-hustle that is ready to grow. Meet with SEERESS and choose from the library of channeled brand elements and 1-2 custom elements to build your dream logo and business card.

Reach out to make an appointment to view the digital library.

Custom Branding

3 month affair

I will work with you to create a stunning brand that is infused with your power symbols and charged with your intentions.

Create and infuse a sigil logo with the full power of the SEERESS process.

Branding + Web Design

4 month affair

On top of creating a custom brand with the magical essence of the unique sigil. This needs a powerful web presence.

This is where your clients get to learn about who you are. Make a good impression.


package includes:

  • Semi-Custom Logo Design

  • Business Card Template

  • Limited License SEERESS Brand Elements

  • 1-2 Custom Brand Elements

package includes:

  • Moodboard

  • Logo Design

  • Secondary Logo Treatment

  • Color Palette

  • Business Card Template

  • Brand Style PDF

  • Intentional Brand Talismans

  • Up to 4 consulting phone calls

    Plus additional items

package includes all elements in custom branding plus:

Website Design

  • Homepage

  • Up to 4 additional pages (ex. about, services)

  • Up to 2 utility pages (ex. contact, FAQs)

  • Up to 5 consulting phone calls


Design only. Printing not included.

starting at


Design only. Printing not included.

starting at



starting at



latent magic

With an enhanced sigil brand the same concept of subconscious energy will apply. When the sigil / brand becomes integrated into the subconscious of the collective through viewing - it directs the collective energy towards the goal and intention that was set. This is where the real magic begins.

Many clients come with a basic intention of getting more business, and they see a spike in their popularity after the design process. Good design can do that — but there’s another level to this magic.

The clients I like to work with best are those that are working to shift the power dynamic of the world. Their intention can be a self-oriented goal like to build business, but also a collective goal like the intention to heal the feminine, to bring awareness to the sanctity of earth and its inhabitants through their work.

with the power of the sigil we create together, we direct energy toward your personal goals as well as the vision you hold in your heart for the collective. In my experience, magic is the most potent when done in a spirit of generosity — like having an intention for the collective.

Amplify your energy and translate it into an aesthetic that draws in your highest potential.
— Rica E, diwata soul wellness

design add ons

Now you have your amazing brand, what next?

Not all projects need a rebrand, but still deserve the time and attention to detail that we work best in. Beyond the rebrand there may be additional items that you would like to elevate to the same level as the new work.



This is why you need a custom quote.

Brand consulting

Art direction

Brand guides

Social media content

product labels

Stationery suites






custom art pieces


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