logo design

just a logo ♥

+ custom logo that fits the spirit of your project, brand or business.

personal branding

+ a visual language for your personal brand that represents your style.
+ incorporate symbols and other elements that resonate with you to give your brand depth and meaningful personal significance. 
+ custom logo that fits your spirit and brand.
+ a beautiful business card built from your custom brand elements. 

brand identity system

+ a visual language that represents the ethos of the business. 
+ custom logo that represents the character of the brand.
+ a standout business card built from your custom brand elements. 
+ full package of visual brand elements that extend the concept of the brand for use across different platforms. 
+ brand guide with colors, fonts, logo use, and visual rules for maintaining on-brand aesthetic across all channels.  


front end web design + digital curation

+ an engaging website, built on Squarespace.
+ style guide for maintaining elevated aesthetic direction.
+ custom artwork and illustration for web assets.
+ Easy to maintain and update.


print design, labels + packaging, social media curation